Book recommendations for business leaders: 2/7/21

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Leaders are readers. Reading helps you discover ideas to try and expand your mental models.

In this post, I point you to reviews of recent business books. You’ll find pointers to reviews of When Bad Teams Happen to Good People: Your Complete Repair Guide for Successful Teamwork, Models of Leadership in Plato and Beyond, Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Life, Tracking Wonder: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity, and The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World. There’s also Michael McKinney’s list of leadership books due out in February 2022.

From Skip Prichard: 5 Steps to Develop Team Goals

“This is an excerpt from When Bad Teams Happen to Good People by Valerie Patrick. Dr. Patrick is President of Fulcrum Connection LLC, and is a facilitator, leadership trainer, and professional speaker.”

From UVA Darden: What Type of Business Leader Are You? Plato’s 7 Leadership Models

“In Darden Professor Ed Freeman’s recent book with Oxford Professor Dominic Scott, Models of Leadership in Plato and Beyond, the two professors explore Plato’s ideas on leadership and how his ideas can be applied to modern business leadership principles.”

Thanks to Smartbrief on Leadership for pointing me to this review.

From Theodore Kinni: Better management through anthropology

“The next time you hear someone arguing that a liberal arts education is wasted on businesspeople, direct them to Gillian Tett’s Anthro-Vision. In this new book, the award-winning journalist, chair of the Financial Times’s US editorial board, and Cambridge Ph.D. in social anthropology makes a compelling, readable argument for the business value of her academic discipline. Tett finds that this value is delivered in three ways: anthropology makes the strange familiar, it makes the familiar strange, and it attunes awareness when listening for social silence.”

From Jeffrey Davis: Tracking Wonder: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity

“Jeffrey Davis is CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy, which works with innovators, entrepreneurs, and social psychologists to help people flourish in the face of transition or hardship. He wears the hats of team culture strategist, teacher, and author. For over 15 years, he has immersed himself in the science of creativity, high performance, and mindfulness. Below, Jeffrey shares 5 key insights from his new book.”

From Reuters: Think ahead: How to set a long-term strategy

“In the past year and a half of a global health crisis, most of us have just been focused on getting to the next day. But as important as short-term survival strategies may be, we need to balance that out with a healthy dose of long-term thinking. That is the advice of speaker and author Dorie Clark, whose new book “The Long Game” aims to reframe our thinking habits.”

From Michael McKinney: First Look: Leadership Books for February 2022

“Here’s a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February 2022. Be sure to check out the other great titles being offered this month.”

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