You never told me

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Jerry sat staring at the door after Carol left. When she asked for a brief meeting, Jerry figured she wanted to talk about the new team project. Carol always had good ideas about projects and how to get the work done.

Instead Carol said she was leaving the company for a better opportunity. He had shared all the reasons he wanted her to stay.

“You do great work …”

“I know I can trust you …”

“You’re my most reliable team member …”

The response to everything he said was the same. “You never told me …”

And now she was gone.

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Moira Kavanaugh   |   27 Feb 2015   |   Reply

Great blog Wally – short, very readable and thought provoking

Angela M Hickman   |   12 Dec 2016   |   Reply

You should have known, listened and/or asked the right questions earlier.

Wally Bock   |   12 Dec 2016   |   Reply

Thank you, Angela