Boss’s Tip of the Week: Find your common interests

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The odds are that you share at least one common interest with everyone on your team. Find out what it is for each person and having non-business conversations will be easy. Here’s a hint. The best way to find out is to listen.

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Kare Anderson   |   19 Feb 2020   |   Reply

I heartily agree that when individuals seek sweet spots of common interest they are more likely to connect and support each other. And that approach enables us to attract diverse allies where we can collectively see more sides of a situation (problem or opportunity) and make smarter decisions faster. Also to demonstrate an interest and gain a deeper understanding of someone else, ask follow-up questions. Note how rare that is. Also get specific sooner as specificity boosts your credibility and memorability. I offer over 60 actionable tips like this in Mutuality Matters. And I continue to learn from this blog and your books. Wally.

Wally Bock   |   19 Feb 2020   |   Reply

Thanks, Kare. The learning goes both ways.