In Memoriam: Andy Grove

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After Andy Grove died on Monday, March 21, 2016, the press and social media were flooded with tributes of all kinds. Here’s my pick of the best of them.

From Jeffrey E. Garten: The Man Who Made the Computer Age Possible

“Intel’s Andy Grove pioneered high-stakes, high-speed, high-tech manufacturing — and breathed life into Moore’s Law.”

From Robert A. Burgelman: Remembering Andy Grove, the Teacher

“Others are better qualified than I to comment on Andy Grove’s many contributions as a member of the founding team of Intel Corporation, as the company’s CEO and chairman, or as a U.S. citizen and committed philanthropist, but I may be able to highlight a few of his academic contributions to the Stanford Graduate School of Business during the almost 25 years that we worked together there.”

From Clayton Christensen: What I’ll Miss About Andy Grove

“I am easily a foot taller than Andy Grove. But whenever I was with him, I felt that he was the giant. There are four elements of this giant that I will miss. First, he never believed that he and his colleagues had the answer. They always were arguing about everything. He knew that they needed to make decisions, of course. But he viewed each decision simply as a road marker that noted progress along the path of argument about how to improve.”

From the Economist: The man who put Intel inside

“Just as Andrew Carnegie helped to usher in the steel age and John D. Rockefeller the oil age, Mr Grove, Intel’s former boss, who died this week, helped to bring about the computer age. And just as Carnegie and Rockefeller worked their magic by building organisations rather than inventing new products, Mr Grove, though a brilliant technologist, worked his by building Intel from a startup into the world’s dominant semiconductor firm. Like Carnegie and Rockefeller, he built huge plants employing thousands; but whereas they flaunted their wealth and power, Mr Grove laboured in a cubicle no different from those of his employees.”

From Norman Perlstine: Andy Grove: Visionary Leader, Critic—and Friend

“Andy Grove, the former Intel CEO, died yesterday at age 79. He was one of Silicon Valley’s most brilliant leaders—a visionary who mentored many of today’s leaders in technology. He was also a friend and a bemused critic of journalism and journalists.”

From Jena McGregor: This moving tribute explains why former Intel CEO Andy Grove was revered by so many

“One of the most heartfelt comes from venture capitalist Ben Horowitz. A partner in the firm that has backed companies such as Facebook and Pinterest, Horowitz wrote on Twitter Monday night he was ‘shedding a few tears tonight for my hero and the best CEO and teacher I have ever known. Goodbye Andy. I love you.’ Horowitz’s moving tribute to Grove in September, when presenting him with an award by Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club, was being circulated on Twitter.

There’s a reason such personal remembrances are coming from so many corners, and it’s summed up well in that September testimonial, which features laudatory remarks from Silicon Valley heavyweights ranging from venture capitalist John Doerr to Mark Zuckerberg. Grove built Intel into a powerhouse by famously redirecting the company from the memory business into the microprocessor business, one of the defining case studies of how to confront disruptive industry forces.”

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