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I think that one of the best ways to learn leadership isn’t studying “leadership” at all. Instead, study individual leaders in their natural habitat and decide what they do that you want to try. Articles by and about leaders and interviews with them are mini-case studies that show you an actual leader in a real situation.

That’s why, every week, I bring you a selection of post about individual leaders. This week I’m pointing you to pieces by and about about Noritoshi Kanai, Jean-Marc Eustache, the Automotive Hall of Fame, Peter Miller, and Erik Buell.

From Daina Beth Solomon: Sushi pioneer Noritoshi Kanai is ambassador of Japanese values, traditions

“Noritoshi Kanai, 92, is chairman of Mutual Trading Co., a distributor of Japanese foods and restaurant supplies based in downtown L.A.’s Little Tokyo. But more famously, Kanai is widely credited with introducing sushi to the U.S. more than 50 years ago. Founded in 1926 by several small retailers, Mutual Trading now provides 3,000 restaurants in the United States, and others around the world, with several thousand items such as sake and sushi knives. Kanai dedicates himself to training the next generation of company leaders, maintaining relationships with corporate suppliers and fostering ties with communities and governments.”

From Bertrand Marotte: Transat CEO Jean-Marc Eustache’s work is ‘not a job; it’s my life’

“The chief executive officer and co-founder of Canada’s biggest tour operator dislikes travelling and is not a fan of flying. He doesn’t drive, either.”

From Mark Phelan: Penske leads stellar class into auto hall of fame

“The Automotive Hall of Fame will induct an exceptionally rich new class Thursday.”

From Adam Bryant: Peter Miller of Optinose: To Work Here, Win the ‘Nice’ Vote

“The chief executive of the pharmaceutical company Optinose, says he believes colleagues should be friends, because with friendship comes ‘trust and respect.'”

From Rick Barrett: With company up for auction, Buell craves another comeback

“His business is scheduled to be sold at auction Tuesday, but that hasn’t extinguished Erik Buell’s enthusiasm for making yet another comeback in the motorcycle industry. Buell is the founder of Erik Buell Racing, an East Troy manufacturer of bikes focused on speed and performance until it shut down suddenly in April, leaving about 130 employees out of work and the company seeking court protection from creditors. It was the sequel to Buell Motorcycle Co., which Harley-Davidson Inc. owned for more than a decade before dropping the brand in 2009 and leaving Erik Buell to start over on his own.”


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