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I think that one of the best ways to learn leadership isn’t studying “leadership” at all. Instead, study individual leaders in their natural habitat and decide what they do that you want to try. Articles by and about leaders and interviews with them are mini-case studies that show you an actual leader in a real situation.

That’s why, every week, I bring you a selection of post about individual leaders. This week I’m pointing you to pieces by and about Susan Salka, Joel Peterson, Steve Ells, Ray Tanguay and Arne Sorenson.

From Adam Bryant: Susan Salka of AMN Healthcare: ‘Where Are You in Your Journey of Life?’

“Susan Salka, chief of AMN Healthcare, looks for employees who view work as important to their lives and not just a job.”

From Joel Peterson: If I Could Start Over, Here’s What I’d Do Differently

“When you talk to someone in his golden years, you’re likely to hear about things he would do more of, less of, or just better if he had the chance to do it all over again. I’m generally happy with life, so can’t complain that a tortuous route got me to this point. But if I could do it again with hindsight, the second time around I’d make sure to live by the following guidelines:”

From Derek Lidow: The bigger market disruptor: gourmet burritos or Chipotle CEO Steve Ells?

“As history has shown, CEOs shouldn’t fear new technologies or products, but rather entrepreneurial leaders able to execute new ideas in their industries.”

From Greg Keenan: Outgoing Toyota Canada chairman: developing prosperity through local jobs

“now he can reflect on a career that took him to the president’s office in the Canadian unit, to the senior managing officer level at parent Toyota Motor Corp., which made him the highest ranking non-Japanese executive, and the senior executive picked by Toyota president Akio Toyoda to develop a new global vision for the auto maker after its 2010 recall crisis.”

From Jonathan O’Connell: Q&A: Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson

“Arne M. Sorenson is the first non-Marriott to head the hotel empire that bears the family’s name. Three years into the job, it’s become clear why Bill Marriott, son of the company’s founder, wanted Sorenson for the job: The company’s stock is on a tear, and Marriott is adding tens of thousands of rooms worldwide annually, putting it on pace to pass 1 million rooms open or on the way this year.”

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