By and About Leaders: 12/15/15

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I think that one of the best ways to learn leadership isn’t studying “leadership” at all. Instead, study individual leaders in their natural habitat and decide what they do that you want to try. Articles by and about leaders and interviews with them are mini-case studies that show you an actual leader in a real situation.

That’s why, every week, I bring you a selection of post about individual leaders. This week I’m pointing you to pieces by and about Jessica Herrin, Lyndon Rive, Kevin Cole, Luke Kanies, and Robert Mondavi

From Adam Bryant: Jessica Herrin of Stella & Dot: Put the Culture Over the Quarter

“Ms. Herrin, the founder and chief executive of Stella & Dot, says she learned in the early days of the company to be fierce about her hiring filter.”

From Louis Hansen: SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive keeps business all in the family

“The idea for SolarCity came to Lyndon Rive on a trip with cousin Elon Musk to Burning Man in 2004. ‘That’s when the light bulb went off,’ Rive said. A decade later, SolarCity is among the largest solar companies in the country, with operations in 19 states, 15,000 employees and 300,000 customers.”

From Kathy Orton: New at the top: Kevin Cole

“Kevin Cole has had a full career at Ennis Electric, where he has spent the past 24 years. He started as an apprentice and then worked his way up to electrician, foreman, estimator, chief estimator, project manager and project executive before becoming the company’s CEO.”

From Mike Rogoway: Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies: Comfortable as iconoclast

“Swarms of cyclists stream into downtown Portland each morning from across the river, fighting the cold, damp and dark, stubbornly pedaling their way to work. Among them on some mornings, almost unnoticed, is one man quietly walking his ride. This is Luke Kanies’ time to think.”

Thanks to Smartbrief on Leadership for pointing me to this story

From Tracy Byrnes: How Entrepreneur Robert Mondavi Changed Wine Forever

“The wine world is filled with entrepreneurs. But if pressed to pick one that has truly changed Napa Valley, no one would argue the name Robert Mondavi.”

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