5/20/14: By and About Leaders

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I think that one of the best ways to learn leadership isn’t studying “leadership” at all. Instead, study individual leaders in their natural habitat and decide what they do that you want to try. Articles by and about leaders and interviews with them are mini-case studies that show you an actual leader in a real situation.

That’s why, every week, I bring you a selection of post about individual leaders. This week I’m pointing you to posts by and about Rob Gough, Jessica Simpson, Elon Musk, Marc Andreessen, and Rob Heyvaert.

From Adam Bryant: Impossible? Only Until You Prove Otherwise

“The head of a marketing company is out to prove the impossible is possible, whether beating a rare cancer or landing a client thought unattainable.”

From Clare O’Connor: Jessica Simpson’s $1 Billion Retail Empire: ‘I Understand Women’

“Forbes chairman and editor-in-chief Steve Forbes interviewed Simpson in front of an audience of women entrepreneurs, leaders, philanthropists and business executives. He described her career as ‘astonishing’ in both breadth and longevity.”

From James Temple: Elon Musk on the Flawed Premise of Tesla and the False Promise of Fuel Cells

“Musk sat down for a discussion with Ira Ehrenpreis, chairman of the forum and general partner with Technology Ventures, an early investor in the company. The interview kicked off with a look back at Musk’s original business venture – he sold a video game at the age of 12 — and soon moved into Tesla’s inauspicious early days. Musk was characteristically blunt throughout the interview, even when he was his own target.”

From Nick Bilton: Marc Andreessen on the Future of Silicon Valley(s), and the Next Big Technology

“The noted investor and entrepreneur discusses the valley’s investment climate, his faith in virtual reality and digital currency — and his long tweets.”

From Capco: Interview with Capco CEO Rob Heyvaert

“As Capco enters a second successful decade, CEO Rob Heyvaert reflects on key issues from the first ten years and looks forward to a future that he believes is full of promise for the global financial services industry.”

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