5 Natural Laws of Parties for Leaders

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It’s holiday party time. If you’re an “official” leader, you need to pay attention to the natural laws of parties and leadership.

Natural Law 1: The party changes when you arrive. It changes again when you leave. What you see is not the real party. It’s “the party when you’re there.”

Natural Law 2: You’re still the boss. Do not suffer from the delusion that you’re just one of the team. You’re not. Everything you say or do will influence the people who work for you, just like every other day.

Natural Law 3: The people at the party would rather hang out with their friends and relax a bit than listen to speeches from you or anyone else. Let the party be their party. If you must speak, consider a two minute time limit. Thank people for their contributions this year, wish them a good time, and shut up.

Natural Law 4: The odds are high that at least one person who works for you will do something really stupid during the party. The odds go up with every alcoholic drink. Consider this a good reason to leave early.

Natural Law 5: You are not immune from Natural Law 4. An even better reason to leave early.

Bonus: If you leave early, you gain more time to spend with loved ones. Isn’t that what the season is all about?

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