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I’m reading Range: Why Generalists Triumph in A Specialized World by David Epstein

Is this the age of specialists or not? A lot of what I read indicates that specializing early and sticking with that choice is the way to achieve success. But is that true for everyone?

“Start early and stick with it” seems to make sense. But what if you choose wrong? What if the choice you made at twenty doesn’t fit you at forty?

I’m glad that I went to college after the Marines because I had a better idea of who I was and what I was interested in. I’m not sure I could have picked a major at 18 and made that a life course. I’ve always thought that while other people had careers, I had a collection of opportunities. I couldn’t forsee them, let alone plan them. I’m reading Range to see if I’m the exception or even normal.

What about you? Are you a generalist or a specialist? What I want to learn from Range is where I fit and what’s good and bad about that. I’m hoping that’s what I’ll find out.

Have you read Range? What did you think? What should I watch out for?


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