Summer Reading Lists for Business Leaders: 7/6/20

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In my lifetime, two features characterized Summer. Vacation is one. The other was the summer reading list. Every summer, when I was a boy, my family would go to a lake in the Poconos for a month. Every year we took books to read. My father had his shipped ahead by Railway Express.

This summer is different for me, and maybe for you. There will be no vacation at the beach. And I’m not doing my usual summer reading list, inspired by the way my father planned his summer reading.

Whether you make a list or not, you want to read the good stuff. Here are summer reading lists that others have drawn up. Enjoy!

From Strategy and Business: Summer reading 2020

“For those who want to slow down and still keep up.”

From Michael Klein: Summer reads for leaders to stay motivated, resilient and creative

“The economic, social and political impact on every business is ever-evolving; it creates enormous challenges and brings amazing opportunities. More than ever, organizations are looking to their leadership to help them thrive and inspire them. Here are a few books that have become part of my tool kit.”

Many of us create summer reading lists. Bruce Rosenstein goes us one better. He curates a list of summer reading lists. I mine it for months to find great books to read.

From Bruce Rosenstein: 20 Eclectic Book Lists For Summer 2020

“This is anything but a carefree summer. The term ‘beach reading’ probably takes on a melancholy and wistful connotation during the pandemic, with beaches either closed or holding fewer people. But we need summer reading more than ever this year; for diversion, education, and many other reasons. As I have done last year and in previous years, here is my curation of lists that highlight books to make your summer a better one, regardless of where you are reading, and whether or not you are taking a vacation.”

New Releases

From Jeff Haden: 15 Great Leadership Books on Adam Grant’s Summer Reading List

“The organizational psychologist and best-selling author thinks the best leaders should never stop learning. Here are a few suggestions.”

From Michael McKinney: First Look: Leadership Books for July 2020

“Here’s a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in July 2020. Don’t miss out on other great new and future releases.”

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