Some Books to Check Out: 3/5/18

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My business purpose is to help people create and discover great business books. One way I do that is by writing book reviews that I intend to be both thorough and helpful. Doing a good book review takes time and I’ll never have enough time for all the books I want to read or review to review all the books I read.

But there are books by people whose work I admire that I’ll never get around to reviewing. That’s why I’m posting this. I’m going to tell you about three books that I think you should consider buying and reading based on what I know about the book and the author.

Uncopyable by Steve Miller

I’ve known Steve since we and the earth were young. I’ve always admired his wisdom, good sense, and sense of humor. When trade shows were a part of the way I marketed my services, his book on trade shows was my constant companion and guide. According to the subtitle, Uncopyable is about “How to create an unfair advantage over your competition.” This is a book about how to set yourself apart. It’s a “me too” world, and the best way to succeed is to be uncopiable. Steve certainly is. Check out his book, Uncopyable.

Developing A Positive Culture Where People and Performance Thrive by Marcella Bremer

“Culture” is a buzzword these days. So, why check out another book about culture? If you know anything about Marcella Bremer, you’ll understand why this book is probably worth a look. Marcella writes a great blog. She brings together ideas from many different venues and uses her insight to connect them and enrich them. Check out Developing A Positive Culture Where People and Performance Thrive.

The Book of Mistakes by Skip Prichard

Skip Prichard has had an amazing life. He comes from “ordinary” beginnings. He finished college with a ton of debt and no clear idea about what to do next. Studying successful people and personal development and psychology became his way to orient his life. He’s been the CEO of billion-dollar businesses. He’s also put his thoughts in writing with articles in an array of publications. His Leadership Insights blog is one of my must-reads and includes some of the best book reviews you’ll find on the net. Now he’s written a book about his life and what he’s learned. It’s got the perfect title. Check out The Book of Mistakes.

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