Reading Intentionally: How Terry Moore chooses what to read

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Terry Moore, CCIM, has been one of the most successful commercial real estate agents in San Diego for more than twenty years. He has received many awards and published more than sixty articles on investment, leadership and legacy topics. Terry runs triathlons to keep in shape and is finishing his first book. He is flawed and committed follower of Jesus.

How Terry Moore chooses what to read

If you look at my behavior, you would think that I have this notion that God won’t take me as long as I have books to read. I know better than that. But I have enough books to read for the next five years in the house. I will buy another ten books before the end of the year, maybe twenty.

I tend to read topically and when I read a book by someone I respect, even if I don’t agree with them, I skim the footnotes, looking for things that seem interesting. Maybe out of 700 footnotes, I’ll find twenty that seem interesting. Then, it’s like that counts as a point in my head. When I see the same book mentioned two or three times, it gets another point.

When somebody else that I respect has said “The Fifth Discipline is pretty good. You ought to read that book.” Okay, well then it gets another bonus point. Maybe I’ll go to a seminar or Bible study and the speaker will recommend a few books. If the program was good or the speaker was knowledgeable I may buy all the recommended books.

At some point, a book or some books seem like they’re worthwhile and I get them in the house. And then it’s “Alright, I’m finishing the book I’m reading, what’s next?” That’s how I choose what to read. It’s not a formal process, but it’s very selective.

Now it’s your turn

How do you choose what books to spend your time and money on?

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