Leadership and Management Book Podcast: Great Books We Re-Read

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Want to be sure that you’re going to read a great book? Reread a great book that you’re already read.

Art and I are both avid rereaders. In this podcast you’ll learn why we think you should be one, too. We also share two books we return to often and describe how electronic tools can make rereading easier and more effective.

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Wally shares his reasons why it makes sense to re-read some books over and over again. (0:58)

Art shares one of the benefits of reading these classics on an e-reader and Wally makes the case for the use of digital flashcards. (2:02)

The best business book Wally has ever read—The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker (3:30) (Wally’s detailed review.)

Why Drucker’s work has aged so well over the decades. (5:30)

Wally and Art compare the work of Peter Drucker with that of Gary Hamel (7:30)

Art offers up his case for his all-time favorite strategy book, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters by Richard Rumelt (10:37) and why he comes back to it regularly (11:50).

Wally shares why he appreciates Good Strategy/Bad Strategy as well. (12:50)

Art adds in a few other strategy selections for managers. (14:00)

Wally shares his second favorite for re-reading: High Output Management by Andy Grove. (15:03) (Wally’s detailed review.)

Wally shares why High Output Management is so good for middle managers. (16:00) and some thoughts from Art.

Wally makes the case for a much needed Andy Grove biography. (19:00)

Art shares his second-most re-read book: Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration by Professor Leigh Thompson. (20:30)

Why every manager or team leader who is leading some form of brainstorm or ideation sessions should read and apply the ideas in Creative Conspiracy. (22:07)

Art’s one reason why you should consider Creative Conspiracy. (24:12)

Wally ties things together on the power and value of re-reading books (27:30)

Wally notices the theme in Art’s selections: (29:50)

Additional resource: Wally Bock’s Goodreads link for all of his reviews.

Note: All Amazon links for my recommendations are affiliate links. If you follow the links and purchase a book, I receive a tiny commission.

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