Book recommendations for business leaders: 8/2/21

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Leaders are readers. Reading helps you discover ideas to try and expand your mental models. In this post I point you to reviews of recent business books. .

You’ll find pointers to reviews of Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment. High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out, Better, Simpler Strategy: A Value-Based Guide to Exceptional Performance, The Business of We: The Proven Three-Step Process for Closing the Gap Between Us and Them in our Workplace, and Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation. Plus, there’s Michael McKinney’s peek at leadership books scheduled for release this month.

From Theodore Kinni: How noisy is your company?

“In Noise, a professorial supergroup explains the causes and consequences of the inherent variability in professional judgment.”

From Amanda Ripley: High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out

“Amanda Ripley is an investigative journalist and the New York Times bestselling author of The Smartest Kids in the World and The Unthinkable. She writes for The Atlantic, Politico, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications. Below, Amanda shares 5 key insights from her new book, High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out”

From Danielle Kost: A Simple Question That Can Guide Companies to Epic Success

“Will that big idea create value? In Better, Simpler Strategy, Felix Oberholzer-Gee shows how even the most innovative companies adhere to one basic principle.”

From Jennifer V. Miller: Want to be an Inclusive Leader? Expand Your Home Team Roster

“And that’s what I appreciated about Kriska’s book. It tackles the systemic issues that often lead to ‘othering’ in the workplace. And, she also offers practical advice for one-to-one or one-to-group settings that leaders often find themselves in. For example, many of the suggestions she offers in her book are simple ‘tweaks/ of language and actions.”

Thanks to @ArtPetty for pointing me to this review.

From Irving Wladawsky-Berger: What Musical Mindsets Can Teach Us About Business Innovation

“In their recently published book, Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation, Panos Panay and R. Michael Hendrix argue that ‘the mindsets developed by musicians make them good entrepreneurs.’ Panay is currently Senior VP for Global Strategy and Innovation at the Berklee College of Music. On June 22, he was appointed Co-President of the Recording Academy effective August, 2021. Hendrix is a Partner and Global Design Director at IDEO.”

From Michael McKinney: First Look: Leadership Books for August 2021

“Here’s a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in August 2021. Don’t miss out on other great new and future releases not listed here.”

Reading recommendations are a regular feature of this blog. Want more recommendations about what tao read? Monday is “Book Day.” Come back for book reviews, reading lists and other reading-related posts.

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