Best Business Books of 2015

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I can’t keep up with all the business books published every year. I’ve made that weakness irrelevant by paying attention to two sources that do the screening for me. Michael McKinney publishes the LeadershipNow blog where he features news and reviews of business books. Strategy and Business has a whole section devoted to “Business Literature.”

From Michael McKinney: The Best Leadership Books of 2015

“AS LEADERS it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. It’s hard to take the long-term view when we have to do the mundane. Learning to take the longer view is not easy. A long-term approach helps to take us out of our comfort zones because it connects us with a larger story. How in the midst of the mundane, the glut of information, and the tyranny of the now, can we remember that we are part of a larger—very human—story? “

From Daniel Gross: Best Business Books 2015

“Don’t judge a book by its cover. Judge it by what smart people have to say about it. That’s the theory behind this, our 15th annual Best Business Books special section.”

The third list I’m pointing you to was put together by Greg Satell (also known as Digital Tonto). Greg writes about innovation at Innovation Excellence and at Forbes. I like what Greg writes and I love his list of books. It has the feel of the recommendations you’d get from a knowledgeable friend over a beer or three.

Digital Tonto’s 2015 Book of the Year and other Powerhouse Reading

“The past few years have been especially good for books. It seemed like every time you turned around, some great CEO or brilliant scientist was publishing a memoir. Or somebody else you’d never heard of just comes out with something incredibly insightful and interesting that you just had to read. It was hard to keep up! This past year wasn’t nearly as well stocked, but there were some truly excellent titles to choose from. What’s more, the somewhat slower pace gave me a chance to go back and read some great stuff I missed from previous years. So, all in all, I had no problem getting my fix.”

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