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Things I learned from Stephen Lynch

  |   Strategy

If getting just one good idea that helps you do things better is the test of a good business book, then Stephen Lynch‘s Business Execution for Results is worth several good business books. I didn’t get just one powerfully helpful insight from the book, I got several. Full disclosure. I’m obviously biased  »  Read More

Getting it Backwards

  |   Strategy

“You can sprinkle truffles on a dish and call it fancy, but all it really is, is expensive.” That line from Rick Bayless flashed into my mind when I read a post on Blogging Innovation titled: “No Strategy – No Innovation.” Here’s the core thought from the post, which has been deleted as of  »  Read More

Keep it Simple, Strategist: Why simplicity is the soul of strategic success

  |   Leadership

The Allied effort in World War II was a gigantic and complex undertaking. There were twenty-six allies, each with its own government and armed forces. Every amphibious landing or troop movement or supply mission would be “the biggest ever” until the next one came along. Even so, the Allied strategy in World War  »  Read More

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