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Boss’s Tip of the Week: No pain, no gain

  |   Personal Development

It’s an old saying and a true one. There’s no gain without pain, at least a little bit. If there’s no spot in your life where you’re not at least a teeny bit uncomfortable because you’re learning or trying something new, it’s a sign that you’re not growing. This is only one of 347  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Commit to continuous improvement

  |   Personal Development

There’s always more to learn and there are always things you can improve. Commit yourself and your team to continuous improvement, to doing things better every day. Read, talk to others, observe, and take classes to find good ideas. Critique your own performance. Improvement is a job that’s never done, but  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Keep a Growth Journal

  |   Personal Development

Your Growth Journal is the place where you can collect your observations, ideas, hopes, and plans for how you want to do things. Here are some ways to make it as useful as possible. “Journal” means every day. Take a few moments every day to write things in your journal. Make your journal time a time of  »  Read More

How Your Journal Can Make You a Better Leader

  |   Personal Development

A Haitian proverb says, “Beyond the mountains there are more mountains.” That may sum up the journey of learning to lead. Learning to lead is a lifetime journey. The journey that has no clear endpoint. Beyond the mountains there are more mountains. Your life as a leader will be full of ups and downs, of  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: Get serious about personal development

  |   Personal Development

It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re serious about your personal development and it’s easy to put development effort off till tomorrow or “someday.” Here’s a test to see if you’re really serious about it. Do you have a personal development plan? Do you schedule time  »  Read More

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