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Once, robots were the stuff of science fiction. No more. The Economist has released a Special Report on Robots. The Guardian reports that since Ray Kurzweil joined Google, that company has been snapping up artificial intelligence and robotics companies. Robots have already generated major changes in manufacturing. Roomba  »  Read More

Is this any way to run a railroad?

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Frederick Taylor was late to the party. Taylor and his “scientific management” get credit for creating many of the management practices that we call “traditional” or “command and control.” But the roots of the modern corporation and those “traditional” practices date to more  »  Read More

You can eliminate the bosses, but

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Last week, one of my must-read bloggers, Harold Jarche published a great post titled, “A world without bosses.” Here’s the opening paragraph of a post that you should read in its entirety. “Can your organization work without bosses? In the documentary, Ban the Boss (one hour BBC video) Paul Thomas  »  Read More

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