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Lessons from “The Mary Gloster”

  |   Success

I long to be sophisticated but sometimes I must have some old time rock and roll or a corn dog or my favorite ragged, but comfortable jeans. And sometimes only Rudyard Kipling will do for reading matter. His best known poem is probably “If” but my favorite is “The Mary Gloster.” It’s long as  »  Read More

Learning about Differentiation from Barbeque

  |   Ruthless Focus

In this day of national chains, with the same restaurants at every exit on the Interstate and in every mall, being distinctively local can set a business apart. There is no more delicious example of this than barbeque in South Carolina. There are four basic styles of barbeque sauce in the U.S. The best known are the  »  Read More

Idea Deficit Disorder – Stopping the Epidemic

  |   Creativity

There is an urban legend that claims the head of the US Patent office either closed the office or recommended that it be closed because “there is nothing left to invent.” Suggested years for this outlandish quote are 1875, 1890, and 1932, among others. We can laugh at the idea that there’s nothing left  »  Read More

Keep it Simple, Strategist: Why simplicity is the soul of strategic success

  |   Leadership

The Allied effort in World War II was a gigantic and complex undertaking. There were twenty-six allies, each with its own government and armed forces. Every amphibious landing or troop movement or supply mission would be “the biggest ever” until the next one came along. Even so, the Allied strategy in World War  »  Read More