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Feedback without Fear

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Feedback. New bosses dread it. Experienced bosses hate it. Participants in my programs have told me that for over twenty-five years. So I’m always on the lookout for helpful advice on how to do that critical job well. “Conquering Your Fears of Giving Feedback ” is the headline of an interview with  »  Read More

The Art of Letting Go

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When Kitty started working for me, she didn’t know anything about the job. I trained her and coached her as she learned every key task. And for each one I asked myself, “Is she ready to handle this on her own yet?” And I held on too long every time. Every boss knows in his or her head that the most  »  Read More

Performance Evaluation Made Simple

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Nobody much likes corporate performance evaluation systems. Managers find them unworkable and uncomfortable. Workers dread them. Many experts think we should scrap them altogether. But if you’re a working manager you don’t get much choice. You’ve got to do performance evaluations on your people using the  »  Read More

Babies, Bath Water, and Performance Evaluations

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HR Morning just published a post with the title “OK, performance review process is broken: Now HR’s on the hotseat.” Here’s the lead. “Seriously, now: Is it time to get rid of the annual performance review once and for all? Ask employees, middle managers and executives, and pretty much everyone  »  Read More

Talking to team members about performance

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Here’s part of a question that came in via email from a young manager. “I wish to develop the leadership quality whereby I am able to bring out the mistakes and behavioral problems of any one without being verbally attacked.” My first reaction was that the writer might be in the wrong job. He  »  Read More