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Use Your Vacation for Good

  |   Life

“Until the middle of the 19th century, Americans used the word vacation the way the English do, the time when teachers and students vacate the school premises and go off on their own.” Robert Siegel used those words in the introduction to an NPR show about vacations. We’re just coming off The Year of COVID. Last  »  Read More

Give Your Dreams Room to Grow

  |   Success

Your dreams are living things. Like other living things, they flourish when they have room to grow. You can have the goals that self-help books recommend. You can have daily rituals and affirmations and all that. But if you don’t give your dreams room to grow, they’re not likely to come true. It’s easy to let your  »  Read More

The most important thing my mother taught me

  |   Life

I knew I was in trouble when there was hard crunch in my ice cream sandwich. Sure enough, chunks of a tooth that had been in my mouth were now in the ice cream. Until that moment I never thought you could break a tooth eating an ice cream sandwich, but now I had proof. That’s why I spent most of yesterday at the  »  Read More

Community of Practice

  |   Teams

According to Wikipedia, a “community of practice” is “a group of people who share a craft and/or a profession.” You can try to imagine one by reading some formal definitions, or you can visit the beach on Pawleys Island at afternoon low tide. There were a number of people fishing there the other  »  Read More

Lessons from “The Mary Gloster”

  |   Success

I long to be sophisticated but sometimes I must have some old time rock and roll or a corn dog or my favorite ragged, but comfortable jeans. And sometimes only Rudyard Kipling will do for reading matter. His best known poem is probably “If” but my favorite is “The Mary Gloster.” It’s long as  »  Read More

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