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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Read outside your field

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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Read outside your field thumbnail

Some of the most powerful, breakthrough ideas happen when you adopt practices that are common in other fields. The easiest way to find those practices is to spend a little time every week reading blogs and websites from other fields. Ten to fifteen minutes will get the job done if you do it regularly. This is only one  »  Read More

Leadership Training and Driver’s Ed

  |   Leadership Learning

One of my most memorable lessons in persistence came at the hands of a Marine Gunnery Sergeant. We were on a field exercise and the Gunny told me to move a small truck to the other side of a field. I told the Gunny that I couldn’t drive. I grew up in New York City where you couldn’t get a Learner’s  »  Read More

What to learn from the military

  |   Leadership

What to learn from the military was the topic for Tuesday evening’s Leadership Chat on Twitter. Let me drive a couple of stakes in the ground before we get to the main points. We shouldn’t be learning from the whole military. As with business, we learn the most important lessons from top performing  »  Read More

The 97 Percent Solution

  |   Leadership

The Washington Post headline reads “Army worries about ‘toxic leaders’ in ranks.”  The Army defined “toxic leaders” as those “who put their own needs first, micro-managed subordinates, behaved in a mean-spirited manner or displayed poor decision making.” There appear to be a lot  »  Read More

Learning from the Masters

  |   Leadership Development

“How did you learn to do what you do?” I’ve asked that question every time I’ve met an effective leader. You can imagine the range of answers. Some leaders give credit to courses or books or programs. But every leader I’ve ever asked has mentioned learning from experience. They learn from  »  Read More

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