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Is this any way to run a railroad?

  |   future

Frederick Taylor was late to the party. Taylor and his “scientific management” get credit for creating many of the management practices that we call “traditional” or “command and control.” But the roots of the modern corporation and those “traditional” practices date to more  »  Read More

Hmmmm, that’s interesting

  |   Innovation

If you’ve ever heated anything in a microwave oven, thank an unintended outcome. Percy Spencer of Raytheon was working on a military radar system in 1945 when he noticed something strange. The candy bar in his pocket melted. Spencer could have cursed and vowed never to bring a chocolate bar to the lab again. He  »  Read More

Simple Leadership Lessons from George Marshall

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George Catlett Marshall served the United States in many ways. As Chief of Staff of the Army he prepared a quite unprepared army for the Second World War. During the war he was also the chief military advisor to President Roosevelt. After the war he served as Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State. He created the  »  Read More