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What you can to help engagement grow

  |   Engagement

Engagement is more like a plant than it is like a building. It grows, you don’t build it. The best way to help it grow is to create an environment where growth can happen. If you’re a responsible for the performance of a group, you’re the gardener. Here are some things you can do to help engagement grow  »  Read More

Meeting the Human Capital Challenge

  |   Great Working Environment

The Conference Board is just out with its “CEO Challenge 2014.” The report is based on a survey of over a thousand CEOs, presidents, and chairman from around the world. What’s the top challenge for those folks? It’s “Human Capital — how best to develop, engage, manage, and retain  »  Read More

When Jerry Quit

  |   Great Working Environment

Jerry started looking for a new job the day his daughter got her first job interview after college. He had started at the company when she was getting ready to start high school. For the first few years things were good. He had a great boss and interesting work. He liked the people he worked with. Then his boss got  »  Read More

What really matters

  |   Great Working Environment

What makes a great place to work? All kinds of publications come up with lists of them, accompanied by articles about some of the more interesting practices. You’ll read about great salaries and interesting benefits such as great free food, dry cleaning on site, and nap rooms. But when people talk about whether a  »  Read More

Feedback without Fear

  |   Feedback

Feedback. New bosses dread it. Experienced bosses hate it. Participants in my programs have told me that for over twenty-five years. So I’m always on the lookout for helpful advice on how to do that critical job well. “Conquering Your Fears of Giving Feedback ” is the headline of an interview with  »  Read More

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