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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Make it safe to try things

  |   Innovation

Ignore all the calls from the pundits for you to “encourage risk-taking” by your team members. Instead, make it safe for them to try things and magic will happen. This is only one of 347 tips in my ebook, Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time. Just promoted from individual contributor? Check out my book, Now  »  Read More

We Were Creative Once, and Young

  |   Creativity

Children act creative. Most adults don’t. Children let their ideas bubble over, making up stories and games as they go. Ask them to think of how to do something and they’re likely to come up with several ideas. Adults don’t act like that. When children are in groups, they toss ideas around like balls  »  Read More

10 Tips for Innovation

  |   Innovation

Innovate faster than your competition. That’s one recipe for success in today’s high velocity, uncertain world. Here are ten things you can do to create game-changing innovation. Get lots of good ideas . That part’s easy. If you’re a human being with a brain that works, you’ll get good  »  Read More

Vic’s Three Lessons

  |   Boss

Vic dropped out of high school, which is how he found himself in his late thirties in a succession of menial jobs. He went back to school to get his high school diploma. I don’t mean “adult school” and a GED. I mean he went to high school during the day, while he worked nights, and sat in class with  »  Read More

A Creativity and Innovation Catechism

  |   Creativity

What can I say? I’m a Lutheran Pastor’s child. I grew up memorizing the catechism. Here goes. What is creativity? Creativity is generating new ideas. What is innovation? Innovation is combining and modifying ideas to come up with ways to do things better. Why is innovation important to business? Innovation is  »  Read More

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