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Boss’s Tip of the Week: Take time to answer

  |   Leadership
Boss’s Tip of the Week: Take time to answer thumbnail

Everyone has questions, but some people don’t ask them. So, when one of your team members asks a question, assume that others have it, too. Take the time to answer and check for everyone’s understanding. This is only one of 347 tips in my ebook, Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time. Just promoted from  »  Read More

Boss’s Tip of the Week: The No Adjectives Rule

  |   Supervision
Boss’s Tip of the Week: The No Adjectives Rule thumbnail

When it’s time to talk to a team member about performance or behavior, you’ll get better results if you do it without the adjectives. Your job is to describe the performance or behavior and their results so you and the team member can have a conversation about how things will change. When you use adjectives  »  Read More

Leadership and the Art of Confrontation

  |   Communication

When you become a boss you become someone responsible for the performance of a group. In that instant, you become the designated confronter. Some people will behave poorly. Some will underperform. Someone needs to confront them about it and you’re it. Others may choose to, but it’s your job. You probably  »  Read More

Gentle Honesty

  |   Communication

“Brutal honesty” is supposed to be a good thing. Lots of bosses pride themselves on it. But gentle honesty is better. Honesty is good. You want to be honest with team members about their behavior and performance. But for most bosses most of the time, the more brutal the honesty, the less likely it is to be  »  Read More

Getting the Truth

  |   Leadership

It’s simply amazing. No matter what unpleasant fact or revelation comes up, the standard government official’s response seems to be: “I didn’t know.” Either our political leaders are memory-impaired or they work in a culture where no one brings them the truth. Guess what? That excuse may work  »  Read More

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