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Leadership and the Art of Confrontation

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When you become a boss you become someone responsible for the performance of a group. In that instant, you become the designated confronter. Some people will behave poorly. Some will underperform. Someone needs to confront them about it and you’re it. Others may choose to, but it’s your job. You probably  »  Read More

Gentle Honesty

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“Brutal honesty” is supposed to be a good thing. Lots of bosses pride themselves on it. But gentle honesty is better. Honesty is good. You want to be honest with team members about their behavior and performance. But for most bosses most of the time, the more brutal the honesty, the less likely it is to be  »  Read More

Getting the Truth

  |   Leadership

It’s simply amazing. No matter what unpleasant fact or revelation comes up, the standard government official’s response seems to be: “I didn’t know.” Either our political leaders are memory-impaired or they work in a culture where no one brings them the truth. Guess what? That excuse may work  »  Read More


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Thomas J. Watson, Sr. knew a thing or two. He started admonishing his staff to “think” while he was still at NCR. Later “Think” was trademarked by IBM and became the company’s official slogan. Watson knew that we all do too many things without thinking or without thinking about the possible  »  Read More

The First Law of Leftovers

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When I was a boy we didn’t have a lot of money. We ate well, but there was a lot of tuna-noodle casserole and a lot of leftovers. Actually, other people ate “leftovers” and it was a bit of a downer for them. At our house it was “eating Creole” and we looked forward to it. My grandfather had  »  Read More

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