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Learning from bad bosses

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I was on a temporary assignment, about 500 miles from home. My infant son had been admitted to the hospital and his condition was getting worse. I called my boss and told him I was getting on a plane home. He told me to stay put. I still remember his exact words. “Look,” he said, “I really need you there  »  Read More

Selecting New Bosses: Three things you shouldn’t guess about

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One of the biggest crapshoots in many a company is selecting individual contributors for positions where they’re responsible for the performance of a group. There are lots of ways to get it wrong. Some companies give people a boss’s job if they’re stellar performers in an individual contributor’s  »  Read More

Bosses: People work is the real work

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My boss rocked back in his chair, tapping his lip with a forefinger. “What exactly do you think my ‘real work’ is?” he asked. We had been talking about an issue with a man who worked for me. The discussion had been going on for a while and I had just apologized for keeping him from his “real  »  Read More

Learning to be a great boss

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Today, Jeff Immelt is the CEO of General Electric, but once he was a boy whose father worked on the line at a GE plant. In 2005, Fast Company asked Immelt if his dad behaved differently at home when he had a bad boss. Here’s Immelt’s answer. “Yeah. He came home in a bad mood, uncertain about the future  »  Read More

What really matters

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What makes a great place to work? All kinds of publications come up with lists of them, accompanied by articles about some of the more interesting practices. You’ll read about great salaries and interesting benefits such as great free food, dry cleaning on site, and nap rooms. But when people talk about whether a  »  Read More

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