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Things I learned from Stephen Lynch

  |   Strategy

If getting just one good idea that helps you do things better is the test of a good business book, then Stephen Lynch‘s Business Execution for Results is worth several good business books. I didn’t get just one powerfully helpful insight from the book, I got several. Full disclosure. I’m obviously biased  »  Read More

Coaching and the 21st Century Leader

  |   Coaching

The retired executive sat back in the chair and let me talk through my idea. When I finished, he leaned forward, resting his forearms on his thighs. He looked me straight in the eye. “Let me ask you a couple of questions.” As usual, the questions cut to the heart of the issue. As usual, they were not easy to  »  Read More

The Things the Books Forgot

  |   Books

I’ve read hundreds of business books in my career. I learned something from most of them. But there are a few things that almost all the books leave out. The books forgot to mention the fact that being a boss is a high velocity job. There are emails and voicemails and drop-ins and your boss, who needs a “quick  »  Read More