This Week’s Posts about Writing: 8/9/14

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Here are my posts about writing this week, along with some posts about writing from others. I posted on organizing your book, defining the purpose of your book, writing advice from George Orwell, and capturing you ideas. Here are pointers to posts by others on finding and agent and how Dorothy Parker dealt with not making a deadline.

My Posts about Writing Better

2 Ways to Organize your Business Book

There are two basic ways to organize a business book. Pick the one that’s natural for you.

Writing a book: Why are you doing this?

Many people start planning their book without answering a very important question.

Advice from the Masters: George Orwell

Here are Orwell’s “little rules of writing” and pointers to other goodies.

Creativity: Capturing your ideas

You have good ideas all the time. We all do. But if you don’t capture those ideas, they’ll never do you any good.

Posts by Others

From Daniel Decker: How to Find a Literary Agent to Represent You (And Not Get Rejected)

“If you are an author looking to get published traditionally, you will most likely need a literary agent to represent you.”

Wally’s Comment: If you want to have a traditional publisher handle your book, you will probably need an agent. Daniel Decker lays out some of the basics you should know.

From Ellen Meister: Dorothy Parker: Missed Deadlines, Unfulfilled Contracts and Wrong Words

“Have you ever had to tell an editor you wouldn’t be meeting your deadline? That’s an uncomfortable conversation for any writer. But for Dorothy Parker—one of America’s greatest literary wits—it was so excruciating she simply couldn’t face it, and the consequences were nearly devastating.”

Wally’s Comment: I chose this delightful piece because many of the people I deal with see “writers” as superhuman creatures. Nope. They’re human like the rest of us. Even great ones, and Dorothy Parkers was one of those, have their weaknesses and foibles. Enjoy the post. Revel in your own humanity.

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