This Week’s Posts about Writing: 8/16/14

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Here are my posts about writing this week, along with some posts about writing from others. This week there are posts on idea capture tools, focus, typos, and writing advice from Joyce Carol Oates, long with advice from other great writers and the shift from search to social.

My Posts

Idea Capture Tools

My 8/7/14 post on capturing ideas generated emails asking for more on tools.

Writing Better: Process and Spot

Rory McIlroy used two magic words to help him win the British Open. They just might work for you.

Advice from the Masters: Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates gets a lot done. What’s the secret?

Typos you shall always have with you

If you write, you will make typos. It’s that simple.

Posts by Others

From Claire Cain Miller: Why BuzzFeed Is Trying to Shift Its Strategy

“Can a company known for content that is more clickable than memorable survive when people inevitably change the way they read online?”

Wally’s Comment: The true core of this article is documentation of a switch from search to social as a driver of activity. For BuzzFeed that means ad dollars. For you it means that blog traffic will increasingly come from social referrals, not search.

From Adrienne Crezo: The Rules of Writing According to 20 Famous Writers

“Being that writing is such a strange job, if there are rules, they should come from those who do the job, too. Here, 20 bestselling classic and contemporary storytellers share their rules for writers. To kick things off, let’s use this shiny gem of good advice from Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay: ‘Ignore all of this as you see fit.'”

Wally’s Comment: I find that tips from writers are often useless, but every now and then I’ll read one that makes me slap my forehead and think, “Wow!” and change the way I work to test the idea. If you enjoy this post, check out Advice from the Masters.

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