Weekend Leadership Reading: 7/20/18

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Weekends are time when things slow down a little. Your weekend shouldn’t be two more regular work days. That’s a sure road to burnout. Take time to refresh yourself. Take time for something different. Take time for some of that reading you can’t find time for during the week.

Here are choice articles on hot leadership topics culled from the business schools, the business press and major consulting firms. This week there are articles about leadership and authenticity, culture and the emerging leader, career satisfaction, the impact of the people you associate with, and digital leadership.

From Ed Batista: Leadership and Authenticity

“While the expression of an authentic self is necessary for great leadership, the concept of authenticity is often misunderstood, not least by leaders themselves. They often assume that authenticity is an innate quality–that a person is either authentic or not. In fact, authenticity is a quality that others must attribute to you. No leader can look into a mirror and say, ‘I am authentic.’ A person cannot be authentic on his or her own. Authenticity is largely defined by what other people see in you and, as such, can to a great extent be controlled by you. If authenticity were purely an innate quality, there would be little you could do to manage it and, therefore, little you could do to make yourself more effective as a leader.”

From Deb Liu: Finding my voice as an Asian American leader meant reconciling two different models of leadership

“There is a steep cost to not exemplifying leadership in the way that is expected. Studies show that Asian Americans, particularly women, are significantly underrepresented in top leadership roles within U.S. companies.”

From Blaire Briody: The Secret to Finding Lasting Career Satisfaction

“Career coach Michael Melcher shares his insights for carving out long-term success and fulfillment.”

From David Burkus: You’re NOT The Average Of The Five People You Surround Yourself With

“You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count. ‘You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,’ a quote attributed most often to motivational speaker Jim Rohn. There’s also the ‘show me your friends and I’ll show you your future’ derivative. Whichever you’ve heard, the intent is the same. Audit the people around you. Make sure that you’re spending time with people who are in line with what you want for your own life (preferably people ‘better’ than you so it raises your average). It’s compelling. It’s provocative. And it isn’t true.”

From Gerald C. Kane: Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

“Strong digital leaders are very much in demand, as our digital business research clearly shows. We asked more than 4,300 global executives whether their organizations need to find new leaders to succeed in the digital age: 68% indicate that their organization does, in fact, need new leadership to compete. Even more striking, there is surprisingly little variance across maturity categories for these responses: 77% of respondents from early-stage companies report that they need new leaders, as do 55% of respondents from maturing companies. On the whole, more than half of digitally maturing companies still say they lack strong leadership.”

Book Suggestions

TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments by Douglas R. Conant and Mette Norgaard

Under New Management: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business as Usual by David Burkus

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen and James Allworth

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