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5 Praise Pitfalls

  |   Supervision

Praise is a leadership power tool. Use it to get more of things you want. But beware, there are some pitfalls. Praising too little This is a problem for many bosses. Every time you fail to deliver legitimate praise you lose an opportunity to make things better. You don’t have to wait to perfection to praise. You can  »  Read More

The Last Resort

  |   Supervision

Family legend has it that my uncle Johnny got his job on the Philadelphia police department by fighting for it. It was the heart of the Depression and a city politico brought the local Irish boys to his office and told them he had two jobs he could hand out. One job was on the Fire Department. The other was with the Police  »  Read More

Thank heavens for Miss Daisy

  |   Supervision

I was on my weekly early morning shopping swoop. I like to hit the stores early, when there aren’t a lot of people and when the shelves are still stocked. I’d loaded up my cart and I was checking out, making my usual chit-chat with the cashier. Suddenly she looked behind me with a big smile on her  »  Read More

Three Inconvenient Truths

  |   Supervision

If you think that the best course of action with every team member is always leaving them alone to do their work, you may be headed for trouble. Here are three inconvenient truths you must face. Some of the people on your team will not be competent to handle every aspect of the job. Then it’s your job to coach and  »  Read More

The Joy of Helping

  |   Supervision

One of my must-reads every week is Adam Bryant’s “Corner Office” column in the New York Times. He gives us condensed versions of long interviews with CEOs. What I like most is that, week after week, Bryant lets us see human CEOs. Every one is a mix of strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives. A  »  Read More

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