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The Joy of Helping

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One of my must-reads every week is Adam Bryant’s “Corner Office” column in the New York Times. He gives us condensed versions of long interviews with CEOs. What I like most is that, week after week, Bryant lets us see human CEOs. Every one is a mix of strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives. A  »  Read More

Confrontation and Splinters

  |   Supervision

You may know him from his songs, but Kenny Chesney appeared in the NY Times Corner Office column as a boss with more than a hundred people working for him. Adam Bryant titled the piece: “Country Singer, Songwriter and C.E.O.” There is a load of good advice in this column, especially if you’re a new boss  »  Read More

If at first they don’t succeed

  |   Supervision

It’s been many years since my first child was learning to walk, but I still remember the excitement of it all.  We cheered every move as Dave struggled to get up, stood up, fell down, tried, failed and finally walked. We cheered every valiant attempt, every small bit of improvement and, finally, success.   »  Read More

Guidelines for talking to team members about their performance

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For years I asked participants in my new supervisor programs what part of the job they dreaded most. The answer was always “talking to team members about performance.” In my experienced supervisor programs I asked what parts of their job the participants hated most. “Dealing with my boss” always  »  Read More

Working in the cracks in the system

  |   Supervision

Let’s say John works for you and you notice that he’s starting to come in late. You could do what some people in my classes suggest when I present the case and “document it” or “write him up.” That may be what you think the manual says, but if you jump right to documentation you  »  Read More

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