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When Jerry Quit

  |   Great Working Environment

Jerry started looking for a new job the day his daughter got her first job interview after college. He had started at the company when she was getting ready to start high school. For the first few years things were good. He had a great boss and interesting work. He liked the people he worked with. Then his boss got  »  Read More

What really matters

  |   Great Working Environment

What makes a great place to work? All kinds of publications come up with lists of them, accompanied by articles about some of the more interesting practices. You’ll read about great salaries and interesting benefits such as great free food, dry cleaning on site, and nap rooms. But when people talk about whether a  »  Read More

The Most Potent Reward

  |   Great Working Environment

The phrase “employee rewards” covers a lot. There’s the formal compensation plan, including bonuses. Many companies also have formal recognition and incentive programs. The odds are that you don’t have much to say about any of those. If you’re responsible for the performance of a group  »  Read More

The Lubrication of Little Words

  |   Great Working Environment

In the physical world, lubrication reduces friction. There’s friction in the human world, too, and a few little words can reduce it if you use them often. Here some words and phrases that will help things go more smoothly. Please Thank-you May I Do you mind Is that OK What do you think Do you have a moment I  »  Read More

Drive out Fear

  |   Great Working Environment

“When Fear Stifles Initiative” was the headline for Robert Goldfarb’s New York Times article. That makes it sound like there’s a time when fear doesn’t stifle initiative. But if you have a fear-filled workplace there won’t be any initiative and precious little positive behavior of any  »  Read More

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