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The Most Potent Reward

  |   Great Working Environment

The phrase “employee rewards” covers a lot. There’s the formal compensation plan, including bonuses. Many companies also have formal recognition and incentive programs. The odds are that you don’t have much to say about any of those. If you’re responsible for the performance of a group  »  Read More

The Lubrication of Little Words

  |   Great Working Environment

In the physical world, lubrication reduces friction. There’s friction in the human world, too, and a few little words can reduce it if you use them often. Here some words and phrases that will help things go more smoothly. Please Thank-you May I Do you mind Is that OK What do you think Do you have a moment I  »  Read More

Drive out Fear

  |   Great Working Environment

“When Fear Stifles Initiative” was the headline for Robert Goldfarb’s New York Times article. That makes it sound like there’s a time when fear doesn’t stifle initiative. But if you have a fear-filled workplace there won’t be any initiative and precious little positive behavior of any  »  Read More

Engagement is Perishable

  |   Great Working Environment

This is the story of Dan. That’s not his real name. You’ll see why in a second. Dan is a first rate technician. He received uniformly excellent reviews for his technical prowess and for his willingness to help others. I met him when his boss recommended him for promotion because of his attitude and  »  Read More

In praise of praise

  |   Great Working Environment

Praise is powerful stuff. It can help you increase the productivity and morale of your team. But too many managers don’t praise enough or praise indiscriminately. Here’s a look at what we know about praise and how to do it well. What we know about praise There are a lot of myths and misinformation floating  »  Read More

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