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Dealing with Catastrophic Failure

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“I really messed up this time!!” That was the subject line in an email from a young friend. I’ve altered it a little for this workplace-friendly blog. The email was waiting for me when I got around to my morning email check. My friend started working for a small family-owned business a few years ago. Over time, the  »  Read More

100 percent of managers fail

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100 percent of managers fail That’s not a scare headline, it’s a fact of life. It’s not the finding of some new study either. It’s been true as long as there have been managers. Managers fail because they’re people and people fail. No exceptions. Here’s what you can do to live with  »  Read More

Return on Failure

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Failures happen, even to business legends like Jack Welch, who admits that he made some whoppers. In the running for biggest failure is surely the acquisition of Kidder Peabody by General Electric (GE). In 1986, GE spent $600 million to buy an 80 percent interest in Kidder Peabody. More investment followed and by 1990 GE  »  Read More

Beware Success

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Last week, Business Week ran great piece on Toyota that included the following lead: “Akio Toyoda thinks he knows what’s wrong with Toyota, the world’s biggest car maker. Success has made it cocky.” “Cocky” is a good word. A milder word might be “overconfident.”  »  Read More

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