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We Were Creative Once, and Young

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Children act creative. Most adults don’t. Children let their ideas bubble over, making up stories and games as they go. Ask them to think of how to do something and they’re likely to come up with several ideas. Adults don’t act like that. When children are in groups, they toss ideas around like balls  »  Read More

A Creativity and Innovation Catechism

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What can I say? I’m a Lutheran Pastor’s child. I grew up memorizing the catechism. Here goes. What is creativity? Creativity is generating new ideas. What is innovation? Innovation is combining and modifying ideas to come up with ways to do things better. Why is innovation important to business? Innovation is  »  Read More

Idea Deficit Disorder – Stopping the Epidemic

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There is an urban legend that claims the head of the US Patent office either closed the office or recommended that it be closed because “there is nothing left to invent.” Suggested years for this outlandish quote are 1875, 1890, and 1932, among others. We can laugh at the idea that there’s nothing left  »  Read More

Idea Deficit Disorder – Treating Yourself

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Idea Deficit Disorder (IDD) is a horrid affliction. Millions suffer from it, causing a loss of billions of dollars worth of good ideas, not to mention poor self-esteem and lost opportunities. If you suffer from IDD there is hope. You weren’t always that way. Newborn children are naturally creative. They overflow  »  Read More

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