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The Magic of Creativity

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It’s a funny thing about creativity. The very things that make you successful can be the things that stifle the spirit of discovery. So much of our work is about busyiness, about doing things whether they really make sense or not, just to look like you’re doing something productive. Answering emails and  »  Read More

How to have a more creative team without changing the people

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We don’t need more creativity To hear many business leaders tell it, creativity is in short supply. They want their people to be more creative. But their people are already creative. They have good ideas all the time and they have lots of them at work. When we talk about a creative team, we mean one where people  »  Read More

More and Better Ideas

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Innovation is important. It gives a company competitive advantage and sustainability. But innovation without good ideas is impotent. No matter what kind of innovation you want, you need as many good ideas as you can get. Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder say that: “Research shows that 80 percent of an  »  Read More

We Were Creative Once, and Young

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Children act creative. Most adults don’t. Children let their ideas bubble over, making up stories and games as they go. Ask them to think of how to do something and they’re likely to come up with several ideas. Adults don’t act like that. When children are in groups, they toss ideas around like balls  »  Read More

A Creativity and Innovation Catechism

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What can I say? I’m a Lutheran Pastor’s child. I grew up memorizing the catechism. Here goes. What is creativity? Creativity is generating new ideas. What is innovation? Innovation is combining and modifying ideas to come up with ways to do things better. Why is innovation important to business? Innovation is  »  Read More

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