Stories and Strategies from Real Life: 1/22/16

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Some of the best learning happens when you read stories about real people and real companies. Read them for ideas, for lessons, and inspiration. This week’s stories and strategies from real life are about Netflix, In Blue Handmade, Lyft. Pop! Promos, and Waffle House.

From Farhad Manjoo: Why Media Titans Would Be Wise Not to Overlook Netflix

“Although Netflix’s strategy is not without a fair amount of risk, it just keeps working — and the company’s prospects are steadily brightening.”

From Melissa Wylie: In Blue Handmade founder launched a new career with a sewing machine, an Etsy account and a surprise mention on Martha Stewart

“As a booking agent in the Chicago music scene, Mary Lynn Schroeder had one of those ‘cool’ jobs we all dream of as teenagers. She organized concerts, spent time with musicians and watched live music; it was a music lover’s dream come true. Or at least it should have been. After eight years, Schroeder felt something was missing.”

From Tracey Lien: Lyft defies predictions by continuing to grow as a rival to Uber

“A year ago, Uber dominated San Francisco. As in many cities, ‘Uber’ had become a verb for ride-hailing apps. But today, you’re as likely to spot a Lyft as an Uber in this city. Those who thought on-demand transportation was a winner-take-all market — that Uber would crush competitors in ride-hailing the way Facebook crushed competitors in social media — are being forced to change their tune.”

From Diane Mastrull: Attention to Detail

“How many of us have been in the stands at a college football game, part of a giddy fan base in face paint, sweatshirts and hats awash in team colors? If only we had noticed what Sterling Wilson did that fateful fall 2011 day at the University of Southern California.”

From Kevin Clark: The Carolina Panthers’ Secret Weapon: Waffle House

“Players see proximity to the popular 24-hour restaurant chain of the South as a home-field advantage.”

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