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Just enough planning

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It’s time to think about next year. Will you draw up and plan and stick to it? Or will you simply go with the flow? A little bit of both is the best choice. Planning can help you choose wise courses of action that will get the results you want. But we plan things when we know the least about them and the world around  »  Read More

Things I learned from Stephen Lynch

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If getting just one good idea that helps you do things better is the test of a good business book, then Stephen Lynch‘s Business Execution for Results is worth several good business books. I didn’t get just one powerfully helpful insight from the book, I got several. Full disclosure. I’m obviously biased  »  Read More

Lou and the Empty Idea File

  |   Life

I met Lou when the small business I worked for brought him on as a partner to help us offer a new line of services. Lou had a great track record. By the time he came to us, he’d started two different small businesses and helped them grow into mid-sized business. He sold each business, convinced that it was time for a  »  Read More

Getting it Backwards

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“You can sprinkle truffles on a dish and call it fancy, but all it really is, is expensive.” That line from Rick Bayless flashed into my mind when I read a post on Blogging Innovation titled: “No Strategy – No Innovation.” Here’s the core thought from the post, which has been deleted as of  »  Read More

Learning about Differentiation from Barbeque

  |   Ruthless Focus

In this day of national chains, with the same restaurants at every exit on the Interstate and in every mall, being distinctively local can set a business apart. There is no more delicious example of this than barbeque in South Carolina. There are four basic styles of barbeque sauce in the U.S. The best known are the  »  Read More

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