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Speeding up our own assembly line

  |   Work/Life Balance

Henry Ford invented the moving industrial assembly line. It probably only took a week or so before he or someone else tried speeding up the line to increase production. In 1972, the General Motors Assembly Division used that tactic in the Lordstown Ohio assembly plant. The idea was to increase production above the 55  »  Read More

What you can do to help engagement grow

  |   Engagement

Engagement is more like a plant than it is like a building. It grows, you don’t build it. The best way to help it grow is to create an environment where growth can happen. If you’re a responsible for the performance of a group, you’re the gardener. Here are some things you can do to help engagement grow  »  Read More

Leadership and the Art of Confrontation

  |   Communication

When you become a boss you become someone responsible for the performance of a group. In that instant, you become the designated confronter. Some people will behave poorly. Some will underperform. Someone needs to confront them about it and you’re it. Others may choose to, but it’s your job. You probably  »  Read More

Learning from bad bosses

  |   Boss

I was on a temporary assignment, about 500 miles from home. My infant son had been admitted to the hospital and his condition was getting worse. I called my boss and told him I was getting on a plane home. He told me to stay put. I still remember his exact words. “Look,” he said, “I really need you there  »  Read More

Tavern Training

  |   Promotion

“You ever hear of tavern training?” my neighbor, Tony, asked me. We were having one of those conversations that start with “Can I borrow your leaf blower?” and wind up over a beer in the kitchen. Tony was talking about his first promotion to supervisor. He worked in a factory up in Ohio. One day the  »  Read More

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