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Speeding up our own assembly line

  |   Work/Life Balance

Henry Ford invented the moving industrial assembly line. It probably only took a week or so before he or someone else tried speeding up the line to increase production. In 1972, the General Motors Assembly Division used that tactic in the Lordstown Ohio assembly plant. The idea was to increase production above the 55  »  Read More

What to learn from the military

  |   Leadership

What to learn from the military was the topic for Tuesday evening’s Leadership Chat on Twitter. Let me drive a couple of stakes in the ground before we get to the main points. We shouldn’t be learning from the whole military. As with business, we learn the most important lessons from top performing  »  Read More

The Damon Runyon Principle

  |   Leadership Reading

Damon Runyon was a newspaperman and a heck of a writer. As a newspaperman he covered any sport you could bet on and big news stories including FDR’s inauguration. Runyon wrote stories about the slightly shady but quite glamorous world of New York after dark. His characters all seemed to have memorable names like  »  Read More

Advice to a young man about leadership

  |   Leadership

I just received an email from a young man who asked for advice on becoming a good leader. Here is my reply to him, with some personal stuff removed. Thanks for your note. You want to become a “good leader.” Here are my thoughts. Try on the role. Despite the romance of leadership, not everyone likes the job  »  Read More

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