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Engines of Innovation

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What did Thomas Edison invent? Most people mention the electric light or the phonograph, but Edison didn’t invent them. That credit goes to the “Muckers.” Thomas Edison received his first patent, for a vote counter, in 1868. He invented a stock ticker and a quadruplex telegraph. He set up companies  »  Read More

10 Tips for Innovation

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Innovate faster than your competition. That’s one recipe for success in today’s high velocity, uncertain world. Here are ten things you can do to create game-changing innovation. Get lots of good ideas . That part’s easy. If you’re a human being with a brain that works, you’ll get good  »  Read More

The Real Lesson of Moneyball

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You know you’ve got a winner when you’re parodied on the Simpsons. That’s that happened to Michael Lewis’ book, Moneyball in a Simpsons’ episode titled “MoneyBart.” The book Moneyball came out in 2003. The movie, starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s general manager (GM) Billy  »  Read More

A Creativity and Innovation Catechism

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What can I say? I’m a Lutheran Pastor’s child. I grew up memorizing the catechism. Here goes. What is creativity? Creativity is generating new ideas. What is innovation? Innovation is combining and modifying ideas to come up with ways to do things better. Why is innovation important to business? Innovation is  »  Read More

Idea Deficit Disorder – Stopping the Epidemic

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There is an urban legend that claims the head of the US Patent office either closed the office or recommended that it be closed because “there is nothing left to invent.” Suggested years for this outlandish quote are 1875, 1890, and 1932, among others. We can laugh at the idea that there’s nothing left  »  Read More

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