The 4 R’s of Receiving Feedback

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You know feedback is good for you, right? After all, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” has been a staple of self-development wisdom since Ken Blanchard first said it. So, okay, here comes your boss, or a colleague, or a friend, with a wide load of feedback just for you. What do you do?

How do you get the most value from the feedback? Keep these four Rs in mind.


Feedback is a gift. So, say “Thank you.” That’s all.

Don’t explain. Don’t argue. Don’t even ask for more details. Just say “Thank you.”

If the person giving you feedback presses you, say you need time to process the feedback. You do, you know.


You will rarely have time to process feedback right away. Then you need to remember what the feedback was. Don’t trust your memory. Record the details.


If you want to get the most value from feedback, reflect on it. Consider the details. Ask yourself if the feedback seems accurate. Ask yourself if you’ve heard it several times before. Ask yourself what you could have done differently.


Good feedback is only valuable if you act on it. Just thinking about it will not do.

Decide what you will do differently. Then do it. Then give yourself feedback on your performance.

Bottom Line

Feedback really is a gift. A message from your blind spot can spur you to improve.

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