Boss’s Tip of the Week: Read fiction

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Sure, it’s important to keep up with your business reading, but you should read some fiction, too. It’s fun and it engages you. You get lost in fiction in a way you usually won’t with factual material.

The good news is that reading fiction will help you become a better leader, too. Researchers from the University of Toronto tell us that reading fiction will help you improve your emotional intelligence.

So, there goes your last excuse. Go, read some fiction and have fun!

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Rachel Stones   |   08 Jun 2017   |   Reply

I love this tip! As a healthy reader of fiction, I heartily concur. I once worked for a company that would encourage employees to read business geared books to help them succeed in their positions, but they also included a handful of fiction titles in their company library too and I loved it.

Wally Bock   |   09 Jun 2017   |   Reply

Thanks for the comment, Rachel. Personally, I steer clear of novels where the language isn’t straightforward, but that leaves me a broad range of possibilities.