Thoughts on Exceptional Leaders

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My post, “The 97 Percent Solution” drew lots of readers and a flurry of
retweets and email. Mary Jo Asmus mentioned it in her excellent post, “Is There a Shortage of Good Leaders?” which also referenced
Susan Mazza’s post, “Filling the Void of Real Leadership.”

All these conversations I’ve witnessed and participated in have me thinking
about exceptional leaders. Here are ten things I’ve thought.

There are a lot of exceptional leaders but there are never enough.

Exceptional leaders are the unleashers of human potential.

No exceptional leader was an exceptional leader at birth.

Every exceptional leader has made mistakes and will make more.

Exceptional leaders have a few, simple rules that they enforce rigorously.
See my “Elevator Speech for Bosses.”

Exceptional leaders show up a lot.

Exceptional leaders have conversations, meaning that they listen as well as

Exceptional leaders say “Thank you” and “Good job.”

Exceptional leaders accomplish the mission and care for the people.

Exceptional leaders make it look easy.

Boss’s Bottom Line

Exceptional leaders constantly work at getting better.

The 347 tips in my ebook can help you Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time.

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