How to Judge a Leader

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Tom is the CEO of a mid-sized company. Gail is a call
center supervisor. Jim is a crew chief at a utility company. Lorraine is the COO
for a manufacturing company. They’re all leaders. How should we judge them? How
should others judge

Judge a leader by the team’s results. What matters is how
the team does. If you’re a leader, the team is your destiny. Performance

Judge a leader by how he or she gets results. It’s not
enough to get good results. How you get them matters, too.

Judge a leader by how he or she helps team members succeed.
You should help your members get better at the job they’re doing today. And you
should help prepare them for the future.

Judge a leader by the organization he or she leaves behind.
This is the ultimate test.

Boss’s Bottom Line

Judge yourself by these standards.

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