4 Things to Do Every Day

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COVID changed the workplace. Sometimes, it seems like we’ve thrown a whole bunch of puzzle pieces high in the air and we’re trying to assemble a puzzle before the pieces hit the ground.

It may seem like everything is different, but not everything has changed. The laws of nature and human nature have not been repealed. Trust and kindness still work wonders. Clarity and courage are still important.

Here are four other things that made bosses effective before COVID. They still work, whether your team is scattered around the room or around the globe.

Do the Most Important Thing Every Day

There can only be one most important thing at a time. So, get it done and make a little progress every day.

Tackle the issue when you’re at your best. For most of us, that’s in the morning. Hide out to work alone without interruptions if you must.

Do the most important thing. Even if you only make a little progress, that’s a good thing.

Touch Base with Everyone on The Team Every Day

Check in with everyone every day. Check in to find out how the people on your team are doing. Check in to find out how the work is going.

Sometimes, touching base will lead to a conversation. That’s a good thing.

Say Thank You Every Day

My mother wrote three thank you notes every day of her adult life. Once, I asked her what she did when there wasn’t anyone to thank. She gave me that “mom look” and said, “Wally, there’s always someone to thank.”

And so there is. You don’t have to fake it. Say thank you for achievement. Say thank you for progress. Say thank you for effort.

Sometimes, this may turn into a coaching session. That’s a good thing.

Reflect Every Day

Take some time by yourself to reflect on how things are going. This won’t happen by accident. You must make the time. Sometimes, you must blast it out of the rock of your schedule with dynamite.

Reflecting helps you see the big picture. Reflecting helps you spot connections between things and between people. It helps you identify opportunities and potential problems. Essentially, reflecting helps your brain help you.

Fifteen minutes is enough. But, sometimes, you’ll catch a wave of creativity and go on for a while. That’s a good thing.


Do the most important thing every day.

Touch base with everyone on the team every day.

Say thank you every day.

Reflect every day.

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M. Goldstein   |   03 May 2021   |   Reply

Interesting article that makes sense not only for the work environment but can be applied to everyday life.

Wally Bock   |   04 May 2021   |   Reply