10 Things that will help you in business and you didn’t learn in school

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I learned a lot in school that’s helped me do a better job and lead a better life. But I’ve also discovered that you learn a lot of life’s important lessons outside the schoolroom. Here are ten of them.

If all you care about is “results,” you’re only doing half the job. A boss’s job is really two jobs. One is to accomplish the mission. The other is to care for the team members.

If you want people to do something, make it easy and safe.

Some people drag the team down. They might have a poisonous personality or disruptive work style. They might be incompetent. They might be lazy. Help them change and if they can’t or won’t, help them leave.

Deal with problems as soon as you spot them. Problems rarely solve themselves and usually get worse.

Most people work hard with good intentions. Remember to thank them.

Praise effort and improvement was well as achievement.

Happy workers are not necessarily productive. So help team members be and feel capable.

People like to make progress. Help them.

Growing relationships takes time. Conversations are how you do it.

If you’re the boss on the org chart, then you’re always the boss. Your team members are constantly watching what you say and do for clues to how they should act.

That’s my quick list. What important lessons did you learn outside the classroom?

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