From the Independent Business Blogs: 9/21/22

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Independent business blogs are blogs that aren’t supported by an organization like a magazine, newspaper, company, or business school. Those people provide lots of great content, but they don’t need any additional exposure. In this post, every week, I bring you posts of quality from excellent bloggers that don’t get as much publicity.

This week, I’m pointing you to leadership posts by Ed Batista, David Dye, Kate Nasser, Gregg Vanourek, and Sharlyn Lauby.

From Ed Batista: The Siren Call of Constant Data

“Homer’s Odysseus adopted this solution to allow him to hear the Sirens’ ‘thrilling song’ and ‘honeyed voices’ without being lured to his death–but it’s probably not practical for the temptations you face. You’re not being tempted by mythical creatures (I hope), but if you’re like my clients you are tempted by the unceasing flow of constant data.”

From David Dye: Don’t Get Lost or Hurt: The Vital Role of Leadership Strategy and Tactics

“Leaders and managers often struggle with the difference between strategy and tactics or vision and operations. But they are both vital to your success and don’t have to be complicated.”

From Kate Nasser: Initial Negative Reaction: Value of Leaders Not Showing It

“Leaders, do you show your initial negative reaction to ideas and actions to your employees? If you are very focused on time, results, and driving forward, you may be making this mistake. Instead, don’t show your initial negative reaction. Be open and listen. You will create an innovative culture that keeps your business relevant to customers AND employees!”

From Gregg Vanourek: The Problem with Lack of Focus—And How to Fix It

“These days, we’re bombarded with digital distractions, and it’s detracting from our ability to get things done, our leadership effectiveness, and our quality of life. This article notes 15 of the most important benefits of focus and provides 24 actionable strategies for developing and maintaining our focus.”

From Sharlyn Lauby: Employee Monitoring Shows a Lack of Trust

“I’m going to assume that anyone monitoring their employee’s activity has checked with their employment attorney to discuss the legal advantages and disadvantages of this decision. I want to talk about the workplace challenges.”

How I Select Posts for this Midweek Review

The five posts I select to share in my Midweek Review of the Independent Business Blogs are picked from a regular review of about sixty blogs I check daily and an additional twenty-five or so that I check occasionally. Here’s how I select the posts you see in this review.

They must be published within the previous week.

They must support the purpose of the blog: to help leaders at all levels do a better job and lead a better life.

They must be from an independent business blog.

As a general rule, I only select posts that stand on their own, no selections from a series.

Also as a general rule, I do not select posts that are either a book review or a book report.

I reserve the right to make exceptions to the above.

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