From the Independent Business Blogs: 4/7/21

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Independent business blogs are blogs that aren’t supported by an organization like a magazine, newspaper, company, or business school. Those people provide lots of great content, but they don’t need any additional exposure. In this post, every week, I bring you posts of quality from excellent bloggers that don’t get as much publicity.

This week, I’m pointing you to posts by Dan Rockwell, Ken Downer, Suzi McAlpine, Art Petty, and Lolly Daskal.

From Dan Rockwell: How to Never Let Anything Bother You Again

“They told me a lot of things bothered grandfather Morrison. He had a terrible temper when he was young. But I never saw it. I think it’s a good thing because he was a hulk of a man with a barrel chest and hands the size of pumpkins. By the time I was old enough to notice, he seemed steady as a rock. I never saw him angry or heard him speak louder than a talking voice.”

From Ken Downer: Bosses and Burnout: Three Things Leaders Should Know

“Burnout on the job is costing us millions of dollars annually, but the solutions leaders are putting into place to solve the problem are missing the point.  Here’s what you need to know about burnout, and three effective strategies we as leaders can take to deal with it when it arises, and even prevent it from appearing in the first place.”

From Suzi McAlpine: The two types of trust to build in your team

“Everything good that happens between people at work comes down to one thing – trust. Yet the more I work with leadership teams, and the deeper I dive into leadership research, the more convinced I’m becoming that we often overlook this vital foundation.”

From Art Petty: Small Changes in Your Routine and Approaches Can Generate Big Results

“I regularly talk with managers and leaders who believe they are grinding harder but getting nowhere. One described himself as working in quicksand: ‘The more hours I spend and the harder I push, the faster we are sinking. I need to do something different.’ Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt this way.”

From Lolly Daskal: Why You Should Make Personal Development Part Of Your Leadership

“Leaders often rely on the skills they trust the most—the things they know they do well. But if you speak to most successful leaders, you’ll discover that they’re constantly pushing themselves in new directions and learning new skills. They make personal development a priority—and if you aren’t doing the same, your leadership is not as effective as it could be.”

That’s it for this week’s selections from independent business blogs. If you liked this piece you may enjoy my curation posts on this blog. On Fridays you can wrap up your week with “Weekend Leadership Reading” consisting of choice articles on hot leadership topics culled from the business schools, the business press and major consulting firms.

How I Select Posts for this Midweek Review

The five posts I select to share in my Midweek Review of the Independent Business Blogs are picked from a regular review of about sixty blogs I check daily and an additional twenty-five or so that I check occasionally. Here’s how I select the posts you see in this review.

They must be published within the previous week.

They must support the purpose of the blog: to help leaders at all levels do a better job and lead a better life.

They must be from an independent business blog.

As a general rule, I only select posts that stand on their own, no selections from a series.

Also as a general rule, I do not select posts that are either a book review or a book report.

I reserve the right to make exceptions to the above.

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